Vesa announces DP40 and DP80 UHBR cable certifications

Fewer cables to manage, 80Gbps bandwidth looms.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (Vesa) has started compliance testing of Ultra-High Bit Rate (UHBR) devices and cables via authorised centres.

Coming alongside DisplayPort 2.0 are two certifications, DP40 and DP80. The former must support up to 10Gbps per line (UHBR10) plus a full four-lane operation capacity, culminating in 40Gbps total bandwidth. The latter, meanwhile, ups the game by doubling speeds to 20Gbps per line (UHBR20), providing 80Gbps of total throughput when four lanes are used. Vesa DP80-certified cables will also support 13.5Gbps (UHBR13.5) single-lane speed.

The higher data link rates provided by DisplayPort 2.0 and UHBR will enable displaying 8K 60Hz HDR, 4K 240Hz HDR, two 4K 120Hz HDR or four 4K 60Hz HDR through a single cable with no compression, leading the way for future panel technologies.

DP40/DP80 cables will be available in both full and Mini DisplayPort sizes, while keeping backwards compatibility with current and older standards like RBR (Reduced Bit Rate), HBR (High Bit Rate), HBR2, HBR3. Regarding DisplayPort Alt Mode, full-feature passive USB-C cables already support UHBR.

Manufacturers can already send their products to authorised centres for testing. “Multiple video source and display products are undergoing testing in the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program now and should complete early certification soon. Several DP40 and DP80 cables using improved full-sized DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort connectors have already passed certification and are in production,” said Vesa.

At the moment, vendors such as Accell, BizLink, and WIZEN are offering UHBR-certified cables.