Asus AGESA BIOS update supposedly improves AM5 performance

Secret performance improvements.

Asus ProArt B650 Creator motherboard.

Asus has released the AGESA Beta BIOS update, said to add support for upcoming Ryzen 8000 APUs while improving AM5 motherboards’ performance.

Shared by overclocker Safedisk on Asus’ forums, the AGESA Beta update is available for many Asus boards, including Crosshair, Strix, and Gaming series. Not to be confused with AMD AM4 AGESA update which brought noticeable improvement from better compatibility to higher RAM frequency support. Also, yep, that’s the same guy who helped der8auer achieve 7.8GHz all-core on the Intel Core i9-14900K netting above 1,000 fps in Counter-Strike 2.

Meant for X670 and B650 chipset-based motherboards, the AGESA which stands for AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture covers no less than 19 models in its current Beta form. It brings support for upcoming Ryzen 8000 G-series APUs featuring Zen 4 CPU cores and RDNA 3 GPU. Safedisk didn’t share much information about this update, only stating improved system performance. What the company improved and by how much is still unknown.

Eager to test these unknown performance uplifts? Head on the links below to find your motherboard’s compatible BIOS.

Please note that the official motherboards’ pages are still showing old AGESA Combo AM5 PI versions since this update is still in Beta. So, think twice before updating your BIOS, as it could still carry some bugs.