Check out this magnificent one-of-a-kind wooden PC

Is it possible to learn this power?

The CPU water block on a small form factor computer chassis made from wood.

Chassis modder MXC Builds has finished their latest creation: a water-cooled wooden SFF PC packing an RTX 4090 in one of the most beautiful creations you may ever see. They planned every part carefully, and it’s very easy on the eyes.

MXC Builds has attempted to build their first hardline water-cooled PC. To do so, they went the difficult way and chose to go SFF, because why not? The idea is to fit as much performance in a small chassis while keeping a direct view of its components.

Since they weren’t satisfied with what’s out there, MXC Builds made a PC case from scratch. Using Tasmanian Blackwood, a laser cutter, woodworking machines, and manual tools, they crafted all necessary panels before joining them together with brass rods and wood glue. For parts that they couldn’t build from scratch like the PSU and water blocks, MXC Builds opted for decorative wood covers which fitted perfectly. Pretty much everything is uniform, including gold-tinted tubing.

After assembling the 455mm x 256mm x 160mm (18.8L) chassis, they gave it a little waxing to reach the desired colour, and voila! An art piece was born.

Even though the build is the main focus, MXC Builds didn’t choose low-performance hardware despite it being easier to cool. This little wooden box houses the best graphics card money can buy: an RTX 4090. They pair the GeForce GPU with an Intel Core i7-12700KF processor on top of an Asus Strix Z790-I Gaming motherboard. 32GB of T-Create Expert DDR5 RAM is available for games and apps, while a 2TB Sabrent Rocket Q covers storage duties.

But wait, there’s more. EKWB handles the system’s cooling, powered by an Asus ROG Loki 1,000W SFX-L PSU. This keeps components’ temperatures under control up to a certain point where the radiator size became a bottleneck. It does everything it can to deliver outstanding gaming performance without breaking the fancy aesthetic. MXC Builds should have gone with Corsair’s iCUE link fans to avoid the annoyance of hiding all those fan cables, but we can’t fault the job they did.

3D printed cable channel on a small form factor computer chassis made from wood.

To get an idea of the level of detail, MXC Builds, went as far as to sand the burn marks left by the saw. Similarly, they chiselled the last few millimetres to fir the radiator pin-point perfectly. When gluing the panels, they used a bit of sawdust to bend the panels together. But most notably the cable management is just perfect. You can’t see a single cable. No stone is left unturned, even the power button looks amazing.

You can see the full build in the video below.