Nvidia leaves ample room for GeForce RTX 4090 Ti and RTX 4080 Ti

AD102 and AD103 have untapped potential.

GeForce RTX 4090 Ti - lying in wait?

Following on from Nvidia’s announcement, we’re now starting to see more detailed specifications for the three initial RTX 40 Series graphics cards. Key differences between the two RTX 4080 siblings have already been detailed right here at Club386, and we now know that Nvidia’s top duo falls short of realising the full power of Ada Lovelace architecture.

GeForce RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16GB and RTX 4080 12GB are all carved from unique dies – AD102, AD103 and AD104, respectively – yet it is only the weakest of the trio that serves as a complete implementation. RTX 4080 12GB carries a full 60 SM units and 7,680 CUDA cores, representing the best that the near-36-billion transistor chip has to offer.

Die size608mm2379mm2295mm2
SM Units1448060
CUDA Cores18,43210,2407,680
RT Cores1448060
Tensor Cores576320240
L2 Cache96MB64MB48MB
Memory Bus384-bit256-bit192-bit

Things get interesting at the top-end of the scale, where Ryan Smith has filled in some of the gaps. RTX 4080 16GB makes use of 76 out of 80 SMs available to the 379mm2 AD103 die. As yields improve on TSMC’s 5nm process, it is logical to assume a GeForce RTX 4080 Ti may one day surface with all 10,240 cores ready to rock.

Even more headroom exists on AD102. At present, RTX 4090 employs 128 of 144 possible SMs. If Nvidia feels the need, there’s potential to boost core count by 12.5 per cent. Enough, one would think, for an RTX 4090 Ti, or possibly even an all-new Titan. No surprise – chip designers often leave room for such positioning – and whether or not more powerful cards see the light of day could well depend on what rival RDNA 3 brings to the table.

To recap, here’s how the first wave of GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards take shape:

GeForceRTX 4090RTX 4080 (16GB)RTX 4080 (12GB)
SM Units1287660
CUDA Cores16,3849,7287,680
RT Cores1287660
Tensor Cores512304240
FP32 Teraflops834940
RT Teraflops19111382
Tensor Teraflops1,321780641
Boost Clock2.52GHz2.51GHz2.61GHz
Base Clock2.23GHz2.21GHz2.31GHz
Memory Config24GB GDDR6X16GB GDDR6X12GB GDDR6X
Memory Bus384-bit256-bit192-bit
Graphics Power450W320W285W