Nvidia officially launches 12GB GeForce RTX 3080, full specs within

This would be a highly capable card, if you could buy one.

Right on cue, Nvidia has confirmed earlier leaks with the official unveiling of a 12GB GeForce RTX 3080. The new SKU slots in between RTX 3080 10GB and RTX 3080 Ti 12GB, and there’s more to the new addition than just a bump in frame buffer.

As detailed in our handy table, the latest iteration of GA102 rocks 70 of the 84 available SMs, resulting in 8,960 processors, 112 ROPs and a wider 384-bit memory bus. Small steps forward, yet while boost clock remains unaltered, board power increases to 350 watts, while base clock drops a fraction to 1,260MHz.

GPURTX 3080 10GBRTX 3080 12GBRTX 3080 Ti 12GB
Launch dateSep 2020Jan 2022Jun 2021
Process (nm)888
Transistors (bn)28.328.328.3
Die Size (mm²)628.4628.4628.4
Base Clock (MHz)1,4401,2601,365
Boost Clock (MHz)1,7101,7101,665
Peak GFLOPs29,76830,64334,000
Memory Size (GB)101212
Memory Clock (Mbps)19,00019,00019,000
Memory Width (bits)320384384
Memory Bandwidth (GB/s)760912912
Power Connector (pin)121212
Board Power (watts)320350350
Launch MSRP (USD)$699$TBC$1,199

Nvidia hasn’t put forth an official MSRP, yet partner cards form the likes of EVGA start at $1,249. Stock, as you might have guessed, has sold out instantly, and prices are only likely to rise further.

Still, the show must go on, and all the usual names are teasing cards that enthusiasts will struggle to get their hands on. As expected, most are employing existing cooler designs, such as the triple-fan Asus ROG Strix pictured below and overclocked to 1,890MHz right out of the box.

In other GeForce news, an updated driver has been issued to add support for the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB GPU. Version 511.17 WHQL is now available as a whopping 793MB download and includes the following fixes:

  • [Detroit Become Human]: Random stuttering/freezing occurs in the game. [3389250]
  • Flicker/disappearing text when 12-bit color is used [3358884]
  • [HDR][G-Sync]: Mouse pointer gets stuck after turning on HDR from the Windows Control Panel or after toggling G-Sync from the NVIDIA control panel. [200762998]