PC Game Pass expands to 40 more countries starting with a testing phase

Microsoft’s game subscription continues to grow.

PC Game Pass

Microsoft is rolling out PC Game Pass to 40 new countries, including parts of North Africa, Middle East, and Europe, starting with a preview period accessible by Xbox Insider members.

Good news for many gamers around the world, as PC Game Pass making its way to more nations brings the total number of territories up to 86. Residents of these countries will get to play hundreds of games on Windows through Microsoft’s subscription service. These include new and old Xbox Game Studios titles, with day-one availability for the latest releases, including iconic Bethesda games like the much-awaited Starfield, plus all those that are part of EA Play membership.

Players who choose to give it a try will be able to do so at a discounted price for the first month similar to the $1/£1 starting price in the USA and UK. Unfortunately, Xbox users seem to be left out of this expansion – at least for now.

Currently, PC Game Pass boasts more than 450 titles many of which are made by Microsoft’s first party studios, with more joining each month. As a reminder, The latest batch featured Merge & Blade, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, F1 22, and Soul Hackers 2. Those looking for some recommendations should try Frostpunk, Age of Empires III, ARK: Survival Evolved, or any of the Dead Space and Dishonored games.

“As a part of our mission to expand the joy and community of gaming to every player in the world, we’re excited to announce we’re bringing a preview of PC Game Pass to 40 new countries for the first time ever,” said Jerret West, CVP of gaming marketing at Xbox. “This means that Game Pass community members from 86 countries around the world can play hundreds of games together with their friends and family.”

Here’s the full list of countries being added:

  • Albania   
  • Algeria 
  • Bahrain 
  • Bolivia 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina  
  • Bulgaria   
  • Costa Rica  
  • Croatia   
  • Cyprus  
  • Ecuador 
  • Egypt   
  • El Salvador  
  • Estonia   
  • Georgia  
  • Guatemala 
  • Honduras  
  • Iceland   
  • Kuwait 
  • Latvia   
  • Libya 
  • Liechtenstein  
  • Lithuania   
  • Luxembourg   
  • Malta  
  • Moldova   
  • Montenegro   
  • Morocco 
  • Nicaragua 
  • North Macedonia 
  • Oman 
  • Panama 
  • Paraguay 
  • Peru 
  • Qatar 
  • Romania   
  • Serbia   
  • Slovenia   
  • Tunisia 
  • Ukraine   
  • Uruguay

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