Should you play Hades 2 in early access?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

Nemesis asks: Are you about ready to give in [to buying Hades 2 in early access]?

Hades 2 is my most anticipated game of 2024, and that’s saying something given the slate so far. I’m not alone in this feeling, either, as players around the world broke out in near unanimous praise when Supergiant announced its first-ever sequel. Following in the same tradition as the original, it’s now in early access with no clear release date for the full version.

Since you only get one first impression, the main question is whether you should buy Hades 2 now or wait a couple of years. The bad news is that the developers haven’t yet finished the story, so you will meet a hard stop in progression. During this time, you can still build existing relationships and have another crack at the big bad.

The good news, though, is that I’ve already somehow sunk 25 hours into the game (I blame Steam Deck) and I’ve loved every second. There are plenty of new mechanics to chew on, from upgrading fresh weapons to mining and crafting, and even different ways to nurture your connections. There are also more areas to roam, with expansions in the pipeline.

You’ll come across familiar faces alongside a whole host of newbies, each scripted and voiced with the same love and care we’ve come to expect. The Crossroads hub already feels like home, even if Supergiant has big plans to make it more customisable.

Stability-wise, it feels as polished as the original, with just a couple of filler assets padding out the world. It’s nothing immersion-breaking, such as missing artwork for Keepsakes and perhaps a single character model using an ambiguous cloak rather than the intended sprite. Honestly, I didn’t even consider the latter wasn’t filled out until the 20-hour mark.

Hades 2 gameplay.

Should you wait for Hades 2 to leave early access?

Personally, I’m glad I got the game during its initial release in early access. Not only am I part of the current conversation, but I also feel like I’ve already got my money’s worth. It’s left a distinctly positive first impression, and I’m usually highly critical of early access games.

That said, your mileage may vary. There’s no telling how quickly you’ll progress compared to me. If you have the natural aptitude to spot enemy attack patterns and the reflexes of a cat, it’s possible to zoom through the existing story at an accelerated pace. I wouldn’t recommend it since you only get limited interactions per night and there are plenty of conversations to have, but a quicker playthrough could potentially kill enthusiasm.

Knowing that there is plenty more to come on top of what I’ve already played reassures that I made the right decision for me. Of course, Supergiant likes to weave a lot into its games and even the early stages could get some more love later down the line, which might spur you to choose the lengthy wait.

When will Hades 2 leave early access?

Currently, Supergiant Games hasn’t stated when it plans to release Hades 2. The original first debuted in December 2018 and fully released on PC in September 2020. There’s every chance the sequel could pick up pace with some assets already in the bag, but following the same timeline would estimate a February 2026 release date. We should have a slightly clearer picture by the end of the year.

Like Hades, the sequel has so much that keeps you coming back. That’s why both are in the Steam Endless Replayability Fest. I don’t know about you, but I’d be plenty happy to run through it all again once it’s fully out.