Thermalright releases HR-10 M.2 SSD cooler for hot-running PCIe 5.0 drives

Smaller but denser.

Thermalright HR-10

Thermalright has launched the HR-10 2280, a successor to the HR-09 2280 and HR-09 2280 Pro passive M.2 SSD coolers.

Dimensions of 90.3mm (L) x 23.7mm (W) x 43.8mm (H), put it between the 48mm HR-09 2280 and the 74mm HR-09 2280 Pro in terms of overall height. Like the non-Pro HR-09, this new model has a top cover featuring Thermalright’s logo alongside some grey accents and a nickel-plated finish throughout.

Similarities end there as the new HR-10 boasts two 5mm heat pipes instead of a single 6mm and a denser fin stack made of 44 pieces against 32 on the HR-09, thus pushing its weight by an extra 5g to a total of 85g. The design is simpler with a square/rectangular shape instead of the flame-looking fins of the HR-09.

Thermalright HR-10 - Top

If we refer back to previous models, this one should also come with pre-applied thermal pads on the top and bottom, meaning users only need to pull the protective plastic before sandwiching their SSD between the two parts and securing using four included screws. Installation shouldn’t take more than 5min.

While the brand didn’t indicate any performance numbers, this ‘little’ cooler should be able to handle any SSD, and at the very least ought to alleviate the growing concern surrounding super-fast, hot-running PCIe 5.0 beasts.

The good news for performance enthusiasts is that cooling such drives won’t break the bank. The HR-10 2280 M.2 SSD cooler retails at around $14 backed by a six-year warranty.