This Subaru gaming PC doesn’t run games better than Tesla

Engine temperature is too high.

A gaming PC built on a car engin.

A Reddit user has built a gaming PC on top of a Subaru car engine, using it to both secure and cool the hardware. Though the results were less than ideal, so it may be time to go see a mechanic.

Forget fancy handcrafted wood chassis and welcome precisely machined horsepower. Reddit user green21135 has built a gaming PC on top of a Subaru EJ205 engine found in WRX models. The engine was sourced from the Facebook marketplace for parts and the rest ended up being used for the build.

Besides securely anchoring the PC to the table thanks to its above 100lb (45kg), this casted aluminium block also served as a cooler for the components. For reference, this puts to shame even the massive be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 case and its 17.8kg.

If you’re wondering how a block of metal can cool the CPU and graphics card, the Redditor used the liquid channels meant to circulate oil. Let’s just hope green21135 didn’t include an Enermax Revolution PSU, otherwise they might need to RMA due to oil leaks. Jokes aside, the Redditor used the whole thing as a giant watercooler. All that’s left is to slap in an Intel Core i9-14900K with a 6GHz overclock.

While the user didn’t indicate what hardware is under the hood, they did confess that the contraption didn’t work well. The temperatures were very high, which is understandable since it’s missing a car radiator after all. Though, green21135 noted that it was fun to build.

Funnily enough, the user posted his creation on the Small Form Factor PC subreddit. However, green21135 unfortunately didn’t share more pictures of this build.