Corsair K70 Core SE features vibrant hues and MLX red switches


Corsair K70 Core SE gaming keyboard with some keycaps removed to reveal Red mechanical switches.

There’s a new Corsair K70 keyboard in town, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The K70 Core SE gaming keyboard arrives on the scene featuring a vibrant white-silver-yellow colour palette and buttery smooth MLX red mechanical switches inside. Let’s get into it!

Just last month the company launched the Corsair K70 Core series and it introduced one big significant change. You see, Corsair is moving things in-house, and it has since replaced Cherry MX reds with its very own Corsair MLX red switches. Hmm, I don’t suppose the newly-acquired Drop had anything to do with it?

Corsair K70 Core SE gaming keyboard sitting on a mouse pad, as seen from the left.

From what we’ve gathered, on paper at least, these switches arrive pre-lubricated straight out of the box and provide a smooth linear typing experience with silky smooth key travel. What’s more, Corsair has added two layers of sound dampening foam to eliminate annoying clacks, echoes, and pings. Don’t you just love the sound of silence?

Nevertheless, this special edition features a unique colourway surely inspired by the company’s white-out chassis and peripheral variants. The main keys are all dressed in white, while the function keys are in silver. To top it off, the escape and enter buttons add some welcome contrast in Corsair yellow. Might I add, that these clackers are PBT-dye sublimated, so they should withstand years of gaming without wearing down. Neat!

Corsair K70 Core SE gaming keyboard sitting on a mouse pad, as seen from the right.

There’s only one small negative for me, I would have much preferred shine-through keycaps, because I do quite love the company’s RGB lighting implementation. Plus, Corsair’s iCUE software is a breeze to work with if you’re part of the ecosystem, providing a host of custom settings at the touch of a button. Alas, that’s just me nitpicking.

Besides this, Corsair also has a trio of limited-edition keycap and mouse pad bundles also launching today. These bundles include a custom designed MM350 Pro Extended XL mouse pad, and matching PBT dye-sublimated keycaps. The three inspired designs include White Cherry Blossom, Steel Azure, and Steel Crimson.

Corsair K70 Core SE gaming keyboard with custom grey and yellow keycaps.

The K70 Core SE RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with palm rest is available immediately for purchase for $109.99. UK pricing is sadly not yet available, but if you are interested, check it out, here.