New be quiet! fans let you build the cleanest silent gaming PC

Same performance, but in white.

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 and Pure Wings 3 High-Speed white fans.

be quiet! has announced its white Pure Wings 3 fans in 120mm and 140mm formats. Once more, we have normal and high-speed models, each offering different benefits but now in a brighter colour to suit the growing appeal of bleached hardware.

This white lineup is identical to the black Pure Wings 3 series, meaning you get the same great performance and acoustics but using a different colour. Unlike their black variants, the white models will ditch the 3-pin version, only launching with PWM cables. It’s not a big deal since PWM fans work just fine when hooked to a 3-pin header.

The Pure Wings 3 High-Speed fans carry nine blades instead of seven, which should help push more air at higher pressures. They’re also faster than their regular counterparts, running up to 1,800rpm on the 140mm version and 2,100rpm on the smaller 120mm. This is ideal for AIO coolers, pushing air through the radiator’s fins more effectively. Moreover, all Pure Wings 3 White high-speed fans include the so-called closed-loop motor that keeps the rpm stable regardless of the resistance.

However, as you may have guessed, with higher speeds comes higher noise levels. Fortunately, while 8.6dBA louder at full speed, the Pure Wings 3 High-Speed fans are still fairly silent, topping at 30.5dBA. The same goes for the 120mm High-Speed, which tops at 30.9dBA. I don’t know about you, but even at full tilt, these produce less sound than my in-house noise floor.

For a more detailed look at the fan specs, check the table below:

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 white fans specs.

That said, if you want more performance, the Silent Wings Pro 4 may be the right choice. However, this will come at a higher cost.

Talking of which, these white versions will be available starting February 13, priced at:

  • £10.99 / $9.90 / €13.90 for a Pure Wings 3 120mm
  • £10.99 / $9.90 / €13.90 for a Pure Wings 3 120mm PWM high-speed
  • £10.99 / $11.90 / €14.90 for a Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM
  • £10.99 / $11.90 / €14.90 for a Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed

It’s pretty dope to see white components get so much love. If you’re wondering why this trend didn’t take off sooner, achieving uniformity is pretty difficult. One slip-up on the production line, and you’re left with a cream fan that doesn’t match the be quiet! Dark Base cases. We believe everything’s better in white, anyway, so better late than never.