be quiet! Pure Wings 3 fans bring innovative closed-loop motor feedback

Lower noise and tight control.

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 fan

be quiet! has announced the Pure Wings 3 fans featuring lower minimum speeds and a new closed-loop motor design.

Replacing their predecessors which are the longest-serving products in be quiet’s lineup, the new Pure Wings 3 come in two sizes and three variants: 120mm 3-pin, 120mm 4-pin PWM, 120mm PWM high-speed, 140mm 3-pin, 140mm 4-pin PWM, and lastly, 140mm PWM high-speed. All are 25mm thick.

The Pure Wings 3 uses optimised fan blades with a re-arranged angle, alongside rifle bearings rated for an 80,000-hour lifespan. The series also includes a sealed frame to stop air escaping from the sides, thus providing higher air pressures, especially benefiting radiators.

In order to further reduce noise levels, be quiet! lowers the minimum operating speed to 150rpm on the 140mm version. On the other side of the spectrum, maximum speed now reaches 1,600rpm on the 3-pin plus PWM 120mm fans and 1,200rpm on the equivalent 140mm models, with the Pure Wings 3 120mm/140mm PWM high-speed offering the best performance at 2,100rpm and 1,800rpm, respectively. Perhaps it’s easier to show exactly what you get in a table:

ModelSpeed (rpm)Max Noise (dBA)Airflow (CFM)Air pressure (mmH2O)
140mm PWM high-speed1,80030.572.22.44
140mm PWM1,20021.957.40.96
140mm 3-pin1,20021.957.40.96
120mm PWM high-speed2,10030.959.62.41
120mm PWM1,60025.549.91.45
120mm 3-pin1,60025.549.91.45

The high-speed models also feature a new innovation. Thanks to a closed-loop motor control, these fans continuously compare the tachometer signal and target speed to adjust current and rpm on the fly, ensuring consistent performance irrespective of air resistance – a sort of cruise control that’s very handy on radiators. This explains their usage on the brand’s Pure Loop 2 AIO liquid coolers.

The Pure Wings 3 fans will be available in retail from November 7 at the following prices:

ModelMSRP in £MSRP in €MSRP in $
140mm PWM high-speed10.9914.9011.90
140mm PWM10.9914.9011.90
140mm 3-pin10.9914.9011.90
120mm PWM high-speed10.9913.909.90
120mm PWM10.9913.909.90
120mm 3-pin10.9913.909.90