Gigabyte proves all PC components are better in white

A look so cool it'd fool you into thinking it could chill your gaming PC.

Gigabyte shows off its all-white PC component collection.

Batman might like everything in black, but 2024 is the year of white components. Giving hardware a bleached paint job is nothing new, but options have been comparatively few and far between. Until now, that is. Gigabyte proves this is a thing of the past by showcasing its whole range of snowy PC parts at CES 2024.

Announced in October 2023, we got a closer look at B650 Aorus Elite X Ice and X670E Aorus Pro X. Both rip the pigments out of existing motherboards for a particularly clean finish. Each supports AMD Ryzen 7000 series, which are some of the best CPUs to date.

Like their darker counterparts, B650 targets more affordable systems with a 16+2+2 phases voltage regulators (VRM) solution. X670E, meanwhile, amps it up to 16+2+2. Both contain the EZ-Latch clasps that make M.2 and PCIe far more painless when building your own rig.

Gigabyte still doesn’t have a release date on the motherboards but they’re coming soon. Price is also in the wind, but it probably won’t be a million miles away from the $289.99 X670 Aorus Elite AX and $229.99 B650 Aorus Elite AX.

Alongside showcasing the UD850GM PG5W power supply and GeForce RTX 4070 Aero OC 12G graphics card in white, Gigabyte also focusses on its CPU coolers, specifically its AIOs. The Aorus Waterforce II 360 Ice and Aorus Waterforce X II 360 Ice kit the pump, radiator, and fans all out in white. These were revealed last month and are already available in select regions.

According to be quiet!, the reason we don’t see too many white components is that it’s significantly harder to achieve uniformity. Much like how you wouldn’t want to mix cream paint with ivory in a room, you don’t want different shades of white plastered all over your system. This means brands need many more visits to their factories to get devices right before bringing them to market.

It’s not just Gigabyte that’s made a special effort for CES 2024, however. MSI has new white motherboards, power supplies, and AIO coolers, and be quiet! gives its classic PC cases some love. I think it’s about time I start a new build.