Google Pixel 7a price plummets to its lowest yet with over 25% off

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Google Pixel 7a smartphones have dropped to their lowest price ever.
Google Pixel 7a smartphone in someone's hand.

Google Pixel 7a

“Featuring the same chip that powers the Google Pixel 7 Pro, 7a is just as powerful with an all-day battery and none of the premium cost.”

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Every day, we walk around with a full-fledged PC in our pockets, but we don’t want to pay the same as we would with our desktops. Not when the chances of dropping it are much higher. Although smartphone prices are climbing at the top end, Google’s previous generation handsets have plummeted to their lowest price yet.

Saving up to 25% on Amazon US, Google Pixel 7a has dropped to just $374. This deal comes in Charcoal (a grey-black), Sea (light blue), and Snow (white), so you have your pick of the bunch. The only one missing is Coral (pinky red), which is a GStore exclusive in the United States.

There are slightly loftier savings in the UK, with the Charcoal and Sea models lopping 27% off. With a new £329 price tag, it’s also the lowest we’ve seen. Unfortunately, Snow isn’t along for the ride with this one, still costing £347.26 if you don’t mind paying extra.

As far as smartphones go, there’s a lot to love about Pixel 7a. It’s a mid-range option against the Pixel 7 Pro but features the same high-tier Google Tensor G2 processor. There’s 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a Titan M2 security chip to keep your data private.

Google says the typical 4,385mAh battery should last you around 24 hours, or up to 72 with Extreme Battery Saver turned on. Your mileage may vary with the bright 6.1in display, which runs at a zippy 90Hz.

Much of Pixel 7a’s power doesn’t come from hardware, though. It’s a software-focussed phone. Sure, it boasts a 64MP camera, which is far more than any of its rivals in the same price bracket, but it’s the Pixel Camera app that offers the real value. It affords you better lighting, more details, and richer colours. In fact, it’s so highly regarded that Pixel 7a’s rear camera won MKBHD’s People’s Champ award against 20 other devices, including Pixel 8 Pro.

The 13MP front camera isn’t nearly as good, but it has access to all the same editing tools as the rear one. With Magic Eraser, you can remove people, animals, and buildings from your photos with just a few taps. It’s particularly handy for that perpetual photobomber you have in your group. Using Photo Unblur, you can surprisingly take out any blur in your pictures. And Night Sight similarly does what it says on the tin, snapping superb photos in low light conditions.

Another software saviour is Pixel Call Assist. This AI-powered feature does wonders when you’re trying to get through to a business and are put on hold, telling you how long you’ll need to wait. It even waits for you, so you’re not sitting twiddling your thumbs.

It might be a generation old, but it has practically everything you could want in a phone and more. Face and fingerprint unlock, USB-C charging, an unlocked dual SIM – all the usual suspects are here.

Since the deal won’t last forever, I recommend you hop to it before they’re gone. Pixel 7a could be in the palm of your hand by tomorrow if you use an Amazon Prime subscription. In the meantime, keep an eye on our deals page, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our free newsletter for more great discounts.