Snapdragon X Elite powers secret Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge

When idols become rivals.

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 promotional image.

A benchmark leak reveals that a mysterious Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge is powered by the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite chipset. The Galaxy Book 4 Series has been out for quite while now, but this particular model marks the return of the ‘Edge’ moniker. The last time that name was used on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to signify the curved glass display. A curious case indeed.

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a laptop featuring a wraparound display, although that would be awesome. This time, the name seems to signify a new generation of ARM-based laptops from the Korean electronics maker. Besides this, it’s got some rather impressive tech specs to boot and could give both AMD and Intel a run for their moolah.

The benchmarks arrive courtesy of Geekbench and it paints a rather pretty picture. Samsung Book 4 Edge managed to achieve a single-core score of 2,785 and its multi-core tests hit 13,925. That doesn’t mean much unless you compare it to its rivals, where it honestly comes in pretty damn close.

Geekbench specs and benchmark leak -Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge and Snapdragon X Elite.

A quick analysis

For instance, a Framework Laptop 13 featuring an AMD 7840U managed to nab a 2,657 and 11,802 Geekbench score. Meanwhile, Intel’s Ultra 9 185H performed similarly, hitting 2,441 in single-core and 12,611 in multi-core. Snapdragon X Elite might be a worthy adversary after all.

It’s equally important to note that the test was conducted running Windows 11 Home with a balanced power mode preset. This could mean that there’s some performance left under the hood, considering performance mode could yield the best possible results. Other than that, specs reveal the Snapdragon chipset offers a total of 12 cores split between eight-core and quad-core clusters. This particular chipset was also mated to 16GB of memory.

Perhaps this means it’ll operate similarly to Intel’s chipsets. With dedicated ‘Performance cores’ doing the heavy lifting and ‘efficiency’ cores designated for background tasks. Meanwhile, this Galaxy Book 4 Edge has a base frequency of 4.01GHz. Earlier rumours of the Snapdragon X Elite chipset suggest base clocks could reach as high as 4.3GHz.

Considering it’s an unreleased product, all the above information should be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, it’s still exciting to see how well early Snapdragon X Elite results fare against the crowd. I’m even more excited to see how well this little chipset translates into the gaming handheld scene, if at all. MSI Claw, ROG Ally, and Steam Deck beware.