20% off Meta Quest 2 makes the VR headset its lowest price yet

Very cheap VR.

Meta Quest 2 falls to the cheapest price it's ever been.
Meta Quest 2 VR headset product image against a white background.

meta Quest 2 (128GB)

“Experience the most important VR headset in virtual reality history, completely untethered from the confines of your gaming PC.”

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Meta Quest 2 prices have nosedived over the past year, and we’re here for it. For the third time in three months, the world’s best-value VR headset just became a lot more valuable. Thanks to Amazon’s Spring sale, it sports a swanky new lowest-ever price, but it won’t last long.

This is seemingly a global deal, which is something we don’t say very often. With 20% off, Meta Quest 2 now sits below $200 / £200 on Amazon US and UK. In Europe, there’s a 17% discount, bringing the VR headset to €249.99. I’ve checked France, Germany, and Italy, and they all have the same unbeaten deal.

With 128GB under its belt, this is the lower storage capacity of the two models. It also doesn’t come with any accessories, just the headset and wireless controllers. Considering it’s half the price compared to this time last year, however, you’ll have plenty left over to buy some extras.

Meta Quest 2 doesn’t have the same mixed reality capabilities as Meta Quest 3, but being a generation behind it hasn’t slowed it down one bit. The VR headset still plays most of the same games using its dual 1832×1920, 90Hz lenses.

It’s completely untethered from your PC, giving you three hours of battery life to roam free. Perhaps its biggest detractor is its lack of fast charging. It’ll take around two and a half hours to juice up, which is just as long as it lasts. You can still use it plugged in, though, where it’s perfect for watching movies or using it as an up close and personal desktop.

Don’t just take our word that it’s a stellar VR headset; try it for yourself. This deal is on Amazon, netting you two benefits. First, there’s free next-day delivery in a Prime subscription, meaning you could have it as soon as tomorrow. Second, there’s a 30-day return window for you to get your money back, no questions asked. Give it a shot and see with your own eyes.

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