AMD is apparently already making next gen Zen 5 CPUs

Grabbing at Zen 5 straws.

AMD Ryzen processor render on an AM5 motherboard.

AMD could be debuting its Zen 5 CPUs in about six months. Well, maybe. Apparently, Team Red’s next-generation processors are already in mass production, good news for those holding out for the latest AMD desktop chips.

Well-known leaker Kepler confirmed this sentiment on X. When asked if the next-gen desktop chip dubbed ‘Granite Ridge’ was already in mass production, Kepler replied with a simple, ‘Yeah.’


Unfortunately, there’s no further elaboration beyond that one word answer. Could we be grabbing at straws? Of course we are. That said, the leaker has a proven track record for providing pretty accurate information regarding unconfirmed tech. This recent nugget could be true as well. We should however, take it with a grain of salt, as things are always subject to change at short notice.

Anything beyond this is entirely up for speculation. Speaking of, Zen 5 processors could be named Ryzen 8000. However, knowing AMD, it could possibly go straight to Ryzen 9000, leaving the Ryzen 8000 nomenclature exclusive to the recently revealed APUs at CES 2024.

Also, just because the Zen 5 processors are in mass production doesn’t mean they’re just around the corner. Historically, Team Red usually launches its CPUs around the Q3 mark, hence the speculation of six months. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Alternatively, AMD could wait for Intel’s progress with its next-gen processors before deciding on a release, in order to price its CPUs competitively.

At least there’s one thing we can confirm. AMD’s next gen processors will support current AM5 chipset motherboards, and will remain the status quo until 2026. Gotta love AMDs commitment to longevity.