MSI Claw driver update improves performance by up to 43.5%

Much needed performance.

MSI Claw handheld.

MSI has updated its Claw handheld BIOS and drivers, netting a noticeable performance uplift. Based on Intel’s latest WHQL drivers, the new update supposedly increases fps between 10.3% and 43.5%.

Being one of the first gaming handhelds to feature an Intel processor, Claw had a hard time persuading customers to choose it over the competition. Others use tried-and-tested AMD chips, which are better in performance and price. So, to ensure a presence in this market segment, Intel seemingly sold its chips to MSI for dirt cheap.

Thankfully, Intel and MSI don’t intend to let the Claw fade into obscurity, giving it frequent updates to improve player experience. The latest of which brings the BIOS to version E1T41IMS.106 and the Intel Graphics Driver to Note that Intel just released beta driver version 101.5444, which further improves performance over 101.5382 by a great margin. So, you can expect even smoother gaming as soon as MSI verifies it on Claw.

MSI Claw driver update performance.

MSI claims that this update (101.5382) increases fps by up to 10.3% in Helldivers 2, 18.4% in Forza Horizon 5, 21.9% in Dead Space, 22.6% in Diablo IV, 27.6% in Hogwarts Legacy, and 43.5% in F1 23. However, keep in mind that results may vary depending on your Claw’s specs, game settings, and power targets.

These are some fantastic uplifts, enough to transform how a game feels. While we don’t know the exact settings MSI uses here, we know that a Claw powered by an Intel 155H CPU delivers about 50fps in Forza Horizon 5 at 720p low and 45fps in Helldivers 2 at 1080p low. In other words, you will be able to get closer to a locked 60fps, which is much appreciated.

If you own a Claw and plan to update its BIOS, it’s easier than ever. You no longer need a USB drive and hub/docking station to get it done. So, go get yourself some free performance.