Corsair cuts the cord for new Scimitar Elite MMO gaming mouse

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Corsair Scimitar Elite Wireless MMO gaming mouse

Corsair has announced the Scimitar Elite Wireless MMO gaming mouse boasting 16 programable buttons, sub-millisecond speeds, and optical switches.

Weighing 114g, the Scimitar Elite Wireless MMO mouse carries 16 programable buttons of which 12 are found on the left side, covering all your MMO needs. According to Corsair, the mouse can run for 150 hours on a single charge – using Bluetooth with RGB off – yet fully recharging in 90 minutes or less.

Inside, we find the brand’s Marksman 26,000DPI sensor capable of 2,000Hz polling rate for quick game reactions, alongside optical switches eliminating debounce delay and rated for 100-million clicks. These commands are transmitted via 2.4GHz Slipstream – Corsair’s low-latency wireless technology for peripherals – Bluetooth, or wired USB using a 1.8m-long cable.

Side buttons can be relocated forward or backwards, depending on your thumb length and what feels comfortable. Obviously fitting all these extra keys on one side means Scimitar Elite isn’t designed for ambidextrous use. This one is only for right-handed gamers.

Flipping the mouse over, we find some very large feet, made of low-friction PTFE, covering nearly the entire bottom for smooth gliding, only leaving room for the sensor, a wireless / Bluetooth switch, and a compartment housing the wireless receiver.

Due to the Scimitar’s larger size, special care has been given to its shape to deliver comfortable handling for longer sessions. And like other Corsair products, the side grip features the brand’s triangle patterns, found, for example, on the Katar Elite Wireless mouse.

Backed by a two-year warranty, Scimitar Elite Wireless gaming mouse is found on Corsair’s webstore at $129.99 / €149.99 / £129.99.