Corsair targets workstations with its WS DDR5 RDIMM memory

Going Pro.

Corsair WS DDR5 RDIMM ECC memory.

Corsair has announced its first RDIMM ECC memory kit, debuting a new segment for the brand. This new bundle aims to deliver high performance and data integrity for professionals running workstation machines.

Dubbed WS DDR5 ECC RDIMM, these kits comprise four DDR5 modules running at 6,400MT/s. Targeting Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon and AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 7000 processors, they should deliver ample performance while keeping your data uncorrupted thanks to error correction code (ECC).

Corsair WS DDR5 RDIMM ECC memory modules.

Corsair plans to provide up to 256GB kits for memory-intensive tasks such as high-resolution media editing and 3D rendering. Specifically, it’ll provide 4x16GB (64GB), 8x16GB (128GB), 4x32GB (128GB), and 8x32GB (256GB) kits.

Its advertised 6,400MT/s speed alongside the 32-40-40-104 timings are both easily applicable thanks to the inclusion of XMP 3.0 and EXPO profiles – which also run the modules at 1.35V to ensure sufficient power. If, for some reason, you don’t care about performance or don’t own a platform supporting this speed, the kit can run at JEDEC’s 4,800MT/s with 40-40-40-77 timings at 1.1V.

Corsair WS DDR5 RDIMM ECC RAM on a workstation PC.

While we can easily find 8,000MT/s non-ECC DDR5 kits or faster for consumer/gaming machines, workstation RAM focuses first and foremost on reliability. Nobody wants a 10% faster render if it risks crashing at 90% completion. That said, some competing brands do offer faster RDIMM kits for those who can leverage their speed. Corsair will likely follow suit as it gets familiar with workstation needs.

Though known for its shiny RGB RAM, and most recently its Sakura-themed DDR5, Corsair opted for a simple cooling solution this time to keep wider compatibility with motherboards and coolers.

WS DDR5-6400 ECC RDIMM 64GB (4x16GB) memory kits are available on Corsair’s website for £439.99/$459.99/€509.99, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.