Nvidia set to unveil GeForce RTX 5080 sooner than expected

My wallet is starting to get nightmares.

Nvidia GeForce RTX graphic card.
Credit: Christian Wiediger.

Whispers through the grapevine have long suggested Nvidia will launch its GeForce RTX 5000 series GPUs this year. To begin with, the brand aims to unleash its most powerful chip first. Fortunately, RTX 5080 doesn’t seem far behind RTX 5090 after all.

According to UDN, AIB partners anticipate Nvidia will unveil its next-gen GeForce RTX 5000 series GPUs in Q4 2024. Its sources are optimistic this launch will help increase shipment volume, all while pushing average graphics cards’ prices up.

Initially, the Green Team will focus on its high-end offerings, i.e. RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 GPUs. The latter wasn’t expected until 2025, allowing the RTX 5090 to be the first to hit store shelves. That said, new leaks assert that we could see RTX 5080 by the end of the year. Whether that means Nvidia will simply give it a grand unveiling or make it available is anyone’s question. We may still have to wait until Q1 2025 to get our hands on one, though Nvidia doesn’t usually announce new GPUs far ahead of store availability.

Whatever makes it to market will probably be far more expensive than the full line-up, though, climbing higher than the current equivalent models. With RTX 4060 Ti prices already rising, you’ll definitely think twice about whether you need a new GPU. If the rumoured performance is true, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a hypothetical RTX 5090 asking for £2,500. This will entirely depend on how the new range interacts with the old. RTX 4090 GPUs haven’t seen many discounts since their 2022 release, making it worrisome that RTX 5090 could simply add rather than readjust the generational lineup.

According to MLID, RTX 5090 could be 50% or even 70% faster than the current RTX 4090. Paying the ultimate price for ultimate performance really drives home the saying that “you get what you pay for.” Personally, I’ll likely wait for the RTX 6000 or 7000, as my RX 7900 XT has not yet paid for itself.

If you can’t wait for the other RTX 5000 releases, I recommend you grab an RTX 40 Series card sooner rather than later. After all, prices could increase by as much as 10%. The GeForce RTX 4070 deals on Amazon are looking mighty fine by comparison.