Lian Li straps LCD screen on to its latest fans

What more to ask for?

White Lian Li Uni Fan TL LCD.

Lian Li has announced its Uni Fan TL LCD series featuring an LCD screen on the fan hub itself. Leveraging the design of the Uni Fan series with an interlocking system and infinity mirror sides, this series takes the bling factor to 11.

The Uni Fan TL LCD series will be available in black or white and in 120mm or 140mm sizes. All include a 1.6in IPS screen on the fan’s hub offering a 400 x 400 resolution and 500nits of brightness. It can display system information such as CPU or GPU temperature/load, fan speed, and pictures/videos. These can be either GIF, MP4, JPG, or PNG file formats.

A computer filled with Lian Li Uni Fan TL LCD.


You will also have the choice between normal and reverse fan blades. This way you can keep the LCD screens facing the right direction regardless of your cooling configuration. In case you are wondering, no, the screen doesn’t move, it’s fixed on the hub, so only the blades rotate. You will probably need a chassis like the Hyte Y60 / Jonsbo D300, or better yet, a custom solution such as this fan cube.

Additionally, you can daisy-chain these and power them through a single cable for a sleek build. Each controller supports three TL LCD fans per port for a total of six per controller. Everything can then be managed through the L-Connect 3 software.

Daisy-chained Lian Li Uni Fan TL LCD.

Lian Li is clearly going for a premium design here by including a rubber piece to hide the screws. Plus, you still get the infinity mirror and all the RGB lighting goodness that you are accustomed to. However, not everything is perfect, since Lian Li doesn’t bundle an extra cable for those who want to separate their fans. In other words, you are stuck with a triple-fan rectangle if you want that clean single-cable approach.

As for the cooling capabilities of these show pieces, the brand claims the following:

ModelAirflowStatic PressureNoise
120mm62 cfm2.9 mmH2027 dBA
Reversed 120mm54.3 cfm2.83 mmH2O31 dBA
140mm68.1 cfm3.5 mmH2O28.5 dBA
Reversed 140mm64 cfm3.1 mmH2O29.4 dBA

The Uni Fan TL LCD series is priced at $46.99 for single a 120mm fan or $51.99 for a 140mm. The triple 120mm pack, which also includes a controller, can be had for $149.99. Definitely not the cheapest blowers out there, but hey, you must pay the fancy tax.