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Pacific Drive a game that relies on mystery, survival horror and driving.

Pimp My Ride meets Alan Wake in new car survival game

Pacific Drive is a peculiar survival horror game reliant on mystery, customisation, and driving that gives Alan Wake vibes.
Steam Deck inspired custom handheld device FrameDeck overall chonkiness.

Modder makes DIY Steam Deck rival with Framework laptop parts

A modding enthusiast has created an awesome Steam Deck rival based on the tiny and readily available Framework 13 Laptop mainboard.
Resident Evil 3 video game poster.

Xbox Game Pass brings Madden NFL 24 and Resident Evil 3

Xbox Game Pass is adding seven new titles to its library, featuring Madden NFL 24, Resident Evil 3, and PlateUp!
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leaked DLC characters need more to stay relevant.

Suicide Squad leaks DLC character but it’ll take more to bring me back

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leaks confirm the second DLC character, but it's going to take more than fancy flying for me to return.
Starfield game characters alongside a PlayStation 5 console.

Starfield aims for PS5 launch after the RPG’s first DLC

Microsoft is reportedly going multi-platform with first-party games, releasing exclusives such as Starfield on Sony’s PlayStation consoles.
Batman is absolutely terrifying against the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s Batman is terrifying

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League certainly has its pitfalls, but its depiction of Batman isn't one of them.
Best RPG Games Wallpaper Collage Featuring Epic Heroes

Best RPGs in 2024: must-try PC and console role-playing games

Narrowing down the best RPGs is a tough one, but we've created a carefully curated list of the top titles in the genre.
Palworld updates screw with your ability to play the game.

Slow Game Pass updates demolish Palworld crossplay with Steam

Palworld could be more fan if its updates were synced between all platforms to allow crossplay with friends that prefer Steam or Xbox.
The Day Before co-founders started a new studio to work on a new game like nothing happened.

The Day Before devs work on a new game as if nothing happened 

The Day Before co-founders have turned their attention towards a new game with some strange recruitment tactics.
Alienware gaming PC running Avatar.

What is AMD FSR? Everything we know about the DLSS rival

What is AMD FSR? How does it work? And what makes it different from other upscaling technologies? We have the answers.
Top 10 video games that defined the 2010's hero collage

Top 10 video games that defined the 2010s

The 2010s had some banger video games that still offer impressive visuals, memorable narratives, and intricate gameplay mechanics.
Palworld Pikachu-like pet with a Gatling gun.

Xbox Game Pass adds a game that’s basically Pokemon meets Ark

Xbox Game Pass is bringing seven new titles this month featuring Palworld, F1 23, and Turnip Boy Robs a Bank.

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