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3DMark Steel Nomad hardware benchmark set in a sand-covered desert town.

Start your engines, a new 3DMark is coming soon

UL Solutions presents the new 3DMark Steel Nomad benchmark for PCs, macs, and smartphones, powered by DirectX12, Metal and Vulkan APIs.
Cinebench 2024 CPU and GPU benchmark

Maxon Cinebench 2024 benchmark is out, time to see how fast your PC is

Maxon brings back GPU test with Cinebench 2024, but only for 8GB or higher graphics cards.

How to benchmark and compare graphics card performance for free

How to check if your graphics card is delivering its intended performance using free software.

Chinese MTT S80 graphics card tested on ten games showing lacklustre performance

Moore Threads MTT S80 GPU easily beaten by Nvidia’s GT 1030 across multiple games.
3DMark Speed Way

3DMark Speed Way DirectX 12 Ultimate benchmark is releasing today

Test your shiny new GPU's capabilities with 3Dmark’s latest addon.
Intel Core 13th Gen

Intel Core i5-13600K Geekbench results reaffirm Ryzen 9 5950X-like performance

Yet another leak suggesting mid-range 13th Gen may match the performance of today's top-tier CPUs.
Intel Core 13th Gen

Leaked Intel Core i9-13900K Geekbench results reveal monster performance

Over 30 per cent faster than Core i9-12900K aligns with expectations.
5 Free PC Benchmarks

How to benchmark PC performance for free

Five easy ways to examine the performance credentials of your core components.

EzBench is a free GPU benchmark and stress test based on Unreal Engine 5

Test your PC against 8K textures and raytracing using this Unreal Engine 5 benchmark.
Intel Core i5-12400

Intel Core i5-12400F easily beats Ryzen 5 5600X in 1T benchmark leak

Is the Intel Core i5-12400/F set to become the mainstream gaming desktop champ?
AMD Rembrandt-H

AMD Rembrandt iGPU outperforms GTX 1050 Ti in Time Spy leak

At last it looks like APUs with RDNA2 graphics are entering AMD's PC product mix.
Raptor Lake

Intel Raptor Lake CPU with 24C/32T spotted in benchmark leak

A mystery Intel processor appears to feature an 8P+16E core design.

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